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Frequently Asked Questions


ACLP's goal is to make visiting us as easy as possible! If you have any other questions or recommendations fill out the form below.  


ACLP is lucky to back Danville's Municipal lot! There is no need to fear parking here!  Please use the front door for entry.

Can I wear shoes?

ACLP 's a socks only establishment! No worries if you kiddo rips their socks off in the car! We have your covered ($2 a pair).

Can I drop my child off?

ACLP is not a child care facility. Parent/Guardians must be present during the duration of your visit. Please have 1 adult for every 5 children. 

Do you charge a fee for parents or children under 1?

Adults are free at ACLP! We run on an "If you play, you pay system". For example if your eight month old is asleep or hanging out for the duration of your visit there is no need to pay for him or her. If next visit they want to play on the soft play equipment we will go ahead and count that toward play time!

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583 Mill Street 

Danville PA, 17821



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